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Club:Real is a favorite, but we are Liverpool

Club:Real is a favorite, but we are Liverpool

In May 2014, a German tourist is trying to relax by the pool of a hotel in Las Vegas. He tries to clear his mind from his everyday work, but distracts the sounds around him. `On the TV they played a game and a lot of people were watching it, ` recalled Jurgen Klop. `It was Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid who played the Champions League final, all of them were in Spanish and I was trying to ignore the match. (Borussia Dortmund) we were at the end of the year, and we were in the final of `Wembley. `It`s not a pleasure to lose a finish, and I`ve lost a few, but I`ll keep trying. Most people are trying their whole life and not reaching a final, but when you`re there, you need luck at some point.

What I learned from the match against Bayern in 2013, is that when you are much better in the first part of the game, you have to score. It helps a lot. I still have not seen a record of the game but when it comes to the final one has to suffer. In 2014 everyone whothey called, they were Spaniards, but the previous year they were Germans, and that`s the good of football. You also have to learn that if something is really important to you, you have to be ready for suffering. It is in life. `

Now Klop is expecting him a new finish - against Real Madrid in Kiev. Although he lost his last two European finals, the 50-year-old manager is ready for the challenge that is as difficult as possible. The White Ballet played at three of the final four finals and each time it was a winner. Yes they are favorites They know everything they can write their script because they have won four times in the last five years There are three dominant teams in recent years and we are facing one of them I have no problem with thissituation and I do not feel like an outsider, Liverpool was not a favorite in 2005, and that was before he lagged 0:3. Honestly, I like to be in this role Real is a team with great qualities and goes on for a third consecutivetitle, but we are Liverpool and this should not be forgotten.

After the incredible season of Mohamed Salah, the comparisons between him and Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi began, and the final in Kiev was defined by someone as a clash between the Egyptian and the Portuguese. It is not a question of having a better individualist, usually playing a better football, and to do that, you need the rest. He has a fantastic season, but even he will admit that Cristiano has been at this level for years, his stats are incredible, he has been at the top for about 15 years and scored 47, 000 goals but I do not like making comparisons between playersWhen Pele was at the top, people did not compare him to others, and they just thought he was the best guynow we have Messi and Ronaldo, and they have dominated for so long, although there are so many other good players. `They look like they`re in the right place at the decisive moment to score a goal, and this is the hardest.

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