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Neammar`s favorite target in the United States gave him a record

Neammar`s favorite target in the United States gave him a record

The Brazilian superstar of Paris Saint-Germain Neymar was back in the Champions League again and played a major role in the 7-1 defeat of Celtic in the fifth round of the group stage of the strongest club tournament. He scored the first two goals for the hosts and made the 0:1 reversal, handing the third goal to Edison Cavani. Neumar has been directly tied to Celtic`s 15 goals against Celtic in just six Champions League games, marking seven of them - that`s the Brazilian favorite rival if he judges on these benchmarks. The statistics show that Neymar flies or shoots every 35 minutes against the clovers, which is an impressive achievement.

In the current format (from the 2003/04 season), Neymar became only the second player in history to score in each of the first 5 rounds of the group stage. The other player is Cristiano Ronaldo, who achieved a record day before his Brazilian counterpart when he scored for the impressive 6:0 over APOEL.

Money Saint-Germain also recorded a record 7-1 win over Celtic - the French Grand has already had 24 hits on the group stage, which has never been achieved so far by any team, and even remains onematch. In the last round, Parisians are visiting Munich in Bayern.

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