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Ronaldo broke the arm of a child ... from a free kick

Ronaldo broke the arm of a child ... from a free kick

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo managed to break the arm of a young fan with his powerful blow. During the control between Real and Bournemouth - 6:0 - with which the Spanish giants began their pre-season matches, Ronaldo perform extremely powerful free kick that does not went in the net, but hit the little Charlie Silvaruud in the stands.

The examination revealed that Charlie's wrist is broken in two places. Despite the pain, he wished to remain in the stands throughout the game, and only then went to the hospital for x-rays. And had surgery to reposition and now Charlie's arm is in a plaster cast for several weeks.

"It was very painful. I told my friends, they could not believe it. Ronaldo - the most expensive player in the world - broke my arm, "says 11-year-old Charlie to The Sun.

Ronaldo and Real Madrid apologized to the young man, they sent a shirt of the team, with autographs from all the players, while Bournemouth added a ball with signatures of their players.

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