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Real Madrid is rescued from a noisy raid against rampant Arabs

Real Madrid is rescued from a noisy raid against rampant Arabs

King of Europe and the World Real Madrid came to the World Club Championship final after a hard 2-1 victory against Al Jazeera hosts in a 1/2-final match played in Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates team took the lead in the 40th minute after Romarineo`s shot. Cristiano Ronaldo`s (53) and Gareth Bale (81) scored the Los Merengues for the final. In the final on Saturday, Real will face South American champion Gremio. The meeting was special for Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the most successful footballer in the history of the race and added this record in his rich business card. The VAR video repeater system canceled one goal for both teams - because of Benzema`s ambush in Casemiro`s attack and Busufa`s ambush. She did not intervene in the second goal for Real Madrid when there were serious doubts about its regularity. Casemiro is in the offside, does not play with the ball but seems to block a defender of the opponent before the ball reaches Lucas Vasquez.

Zinedine Zidane gave a break to Captain Sergio Ramos, who was out of the group for pain, and Rafael Varan`s partner was Nacho Fernandez. Ashraf replaced Daniel Carvajal. Mateo Kovacic was preferred to Toni Kroos. Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo led the white attack, supported by Isco. The meeting started with a whirlwind before the door of the Arabs. Even before the ten minutes had passed, the Spaniards had already struck two beams and missed three or four goals. In the fifth minute goalkeeper Ali Haseyf reflected Ronaldo`s head. A little over a minute later, the Portuguese rose again and hit the head, the goalkeeper acting crapily, but he was lucky to find the crossbar. There was a stir in front of the goal, but nobody pushed the ball to the net.

In the eighth minute Luka Modricich hit the right crossbar - the ball entered, but the goalkeeper managed to react and direct to the beam. In the tenth Ronaldo made a big pass. The hosts lost the ball in front of their penalty area, Benzema assisted the Portuguese who did not score a good shot almost - the defender deflected the ball and helped the goalkeeper.

In the 11th Al Jazeera boys had a great opportunity after a kicked ball. Ali McButt, however, chose the wrong decision in the penalty box - an inaccurate pass on the left. In the 15th no one jumped with Benzema, and he caught the ball in the ground and gave the chances of the goalkeeper who plunged and killed. In the 20th, Modric scored a brilliant shot, but the guard again brilliantly. A minute later, Ali McButt again defeated the guests, defeating dangerously away from the goal-line.

In the 30th minute, Casemiro sent the ball into the net. Initially, the judge did not count the naked, and a minute later the midfielder enjoyed the judge`s decision to consult an audio link. Hosts` protests made the Brazilian referee continue to discuss with his assistants behind the screen. In the end, the arbitrator requested a video review, then decided to adjudicate an ambush. The truth was that Benzema was in ambush, and Casemiro - no. Is the French striker behind the back of a defender and, according to the judge, has an impact?

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