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Kane can overtake Messi

Kane can overtake Messi

Harry Kane could finish the calendar year as the best European soccer player after he made his seventh hat-trick for Tottenham`s 3-0 victory over Burnley as a guest in the Premier League last night. The striker already has 53 hits in official matches at club and national levels in 2017 and lags behind only one of Argentine star Lionel Messi from Barcelona. Kane equalized with Pope Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, Portugal`s Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Ursigne Essonne Cavani from Pari Saint-Germain, but the only one could beat Messi in the upcoming Southampton home on Dec. 26 in the last match ofLondoners for the year. The English national also recorded the 36th Premier League goal for the calendar year, which equaled the 1995 Alan Shearer`s record. He is a great player, and he needs another goal to overtake Allen, but we`ll see what happens next at the next game, but it`s all fantastic for him, `said Metropolitan manager Mauriceio Pocetino. `It`s hard to find words to describe Harry Kane, all the time I`ve been in Tottenham, for three and a half years here, he does not stop surprising me. goals, but also with his contribution, his behavior, his professional attitude at any moment He is a great example for the others with the way he works and is put on everywhere on the pitch I`m very glad for him He must score another goalto improve Allen`s record, which would be a great individual achievement for him, `added ArgentinesThe Honorable thinks that Kane has all the qualities to improve the 260-goal record in Sheer`s Premier League, which he placed with the teams of Southampton, Blackpool Rovers and Newcastle United. `I hope he will succeed, and I want him to score 50 or more goals each season, although this is quite difficult, especially in this league, but Harry can get even better because now he`s only 24, and most players reach the peak of their career at 27, 28, 29. If he stays healthy and continues to work that way every day, everything is possible, `said Pocetino.

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