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Interview with Babe:Hey is on the same level as Cristiano

Interview with Babe:Hey is on the same level as Cristiano

At the age of 19, he is the discovery of 2017 and is expected to be the big threat to Real Madrid in 2018. Kylian Mobe talks with the same conviction he plays with. He sits with Marc`s team for a lengthy interview to talk about his contacts with Real Madrid, his passing admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo, his relationship with Neymar, and the desire to write his name in history with gold letters. He does not fancy any questions.
- They say that Madrid -;Paris Saint-Germain is the final before the Champions League final. Do you agree?
- Yes, completely. We are two of the best teams in the world. Well, Madrid is the best in the world -;because he won the tournament twice in a row and we are still growing. It will be a big collision and we go to Santiago Bernabeu to win the ranking.
`Is your first visit to Bernabeu talking to you? `
- I`ve played in big stadiums, but never there. The truth is, I have a tremendous desire to look around the stadium the day before the match, to walk around him calmly and to prepare well for the game.
- On Bernabeu footballers leave a trail with a good match. Is this more special for you?
- No. It is special because it is the second round of the Champions League. We know that we can send a message to Bernabeu to the world. This is a game that can leave a mark in our history -;we play against the current champion and we are all overly motivated.
- Does not it suppress the story of the opponent and his bowls?
`We have to respect all the teams, but it will only be until we step on Bernabeu`s field. The point is to show our quality.
- What do you like most about Real Madrid?
- Most of all, being a very accomplished team. There are leading players at every post and have been playing together for many years.

- Face yourself face to face with Cristiano, your idol
`Yes, of course, he is the child of my childhood, and it was a nice memory of our acquaintance when I visited Valdebabas. But I am a racer in spirit and I just want to win over and over again, so I do not care much about who we are. I admired him as a little man, but it was over. Now I`m going to Bernabeu to play and win.
`But is he still a poem to you? `
`Of those players who have won five Golden Balls, of course, you can only learn. He`s a great player, but here we have. Neymar looks very much like Cristiano and is practically on the same level. He also learns from a top scorer like Essonne Cavani.
- Trio MCN is in fashion. Number one is already in the world?
- We really do not think about it. We do not want to be the best attack in the world, but the best team in the world. Our only desire is to defeat and fight for a top spot. It`s good to have the best attack on the planet, but that does not guarantee you anything. Everything is won by the team.

- PSG is a retired candidate for the European Cup. Do you believe that the current superproject is your time?
- Why not? ! We did a very good group stage and we have a chance to show the world that we have the strength to remove the double European champion. So we`re not under stress at all. We will play our game and we will do our best to qualify.
`Neymar took you under your wing as a teacher. He always enjoys playing on the field

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