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Honor:Cane will break all records

Honor:Cane will break all records

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pocetino is convinced that the star of the team, Harry Kane, will break all the club`s record scores and England. The striker sent a successful 2017 in which he improved Alan Shearer`s record for the most hits in a calendar year - 39. He also finished the year with more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Yesterday, Kane became Tottenham`s top scorer in the Premier League after being scored twice in Everton`s door and now has 98 hits for the club, surpassing legend Teddy Sheringham on this score. `He`s so talented and so great a professional, so I`m very happy for him and I congratulate him on this achievement. ` Harry totally deserves all the superlatives, as he has gone, he can break all the Premier League records andEngland, and I`m very happy about it, and the better is that with his goals he helped us win, `said Pocetino.

Jimmy Graves is Tottenham`s top scorer in all 266 goals on his account. He is honored that Kane has a long way to go through this achievement. `This record is too far away, but that`s good because otherwise it will start breaking records every week, ` the Argentinean added. Finally, he commented on the success of Everton, who moved his team very close to the top 4, already having equal points with the 4th Chelsea. `It`s very important to be close to the leaders, and that`s what makes the difference with Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, of course, they have yet to play their matches. `We have to show persistence and fight for the last place in the Top 4, ` the expert concluded.

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