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Figo:Football must teach children values

Figo:Football must teach children values

Legendary Luis Figo arrived in Ljubljana on the European Futsal Championship held in Slovenia and it was a good opportunity for local media to look for the glorious Portuguese. Figo commented Real Madrid`s weak performance since the start of the season and answered the traditional question of who is better between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Three years ago I ran for FIFA president, but now my organization is headed and elections are shortly to be held. I have a good relationship with the UEFA leadership and am pleased with the work I do. I can learn a lot from Alexander Cheferin. At the same time, I am glad I can be useful with my experience with what the President expects of me, `Figo said.

`With Chefherin we met at the Champions League final and we liked football and the development of sport, and then we started working together, I am his advisor, but also the ambassador of the organization, I am involved in various campaigns. rules and other important issues, `the Portuguese explained. `It is true that football has changed a lot, but now we are talking about a free market where borders do not exist If everything is within the financial fair play and a club wants to buy a certain playerand the other - to sell it, then there is no problem, the difference between the rich and the poor clubs is getting bigger, it is important to invest in the teams that produce the players, and we also struggle with the games. children of certain values, you, the Slovenes, you canto rejoice that in the face of Jan Oblak you have one of the best goalkeepers in the world, said Figo.

Messi or Ronaldo? People always ask me this question and my answer is the same every time. We have to enjoy the performances of both of us. They are among the greatest in the history of football and should not be compared. The important thing is to appreciate the dignity of what they give to the game, said the Portuguese. I can not say whether better football is playing now than I do now. Watching a match on TV is one, and being on the pitch is completely different, Figo was categorical. Real Madrid is obviously in a crisis, but that`s normal in football. It can not be overcome. I can not be aware of the reasons for the drop in the game and the results because I`m not in the club`s kitchen. Barcelona has gained a big lead in the league, and Real has already dropped out of the King`s Cup. Not even in Madrid are sure what this poor performance is due to, the former club`s ace was frank. He also commented on the notorious incident when he pulled his pig head to Camp Nou after he sensationally decided to move from Barcelona to Real. The truth is, I did not see the pig`s head. I remember, however, that a glass bottle of coca cola was thrown from the stands. Then I had a contract with this company, and that made me cheer up. I have no problem going to Barcelona when I need it. But if I can choose, I would stay home, Pigo admitted. The Portuguese did not fail to praise his compatriot Ricardinho, who is one

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