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Maradona bites Inssier

Maradona bites Inssier

Lorenzo Inssier provoked a lot of opinions in Italy after saying that his childhood idol was not Maradona and Brazilian Ronaldo. Immediately thereafter, Napoli`s midfielder apologized to Diego Maradona`s living legend, which was somewhat affected by Inssiere`s commentary. Of course, Italian media have sought the opinion of the great Argentine footballer about the situation.

Lorenzo, you do not need to apologize. I`m sorry you have not been able to experience those moments your father, Napoli and all the Neapolitans have experienced, Maradona began for Il Mattino. Inspiration has had idols for Ronaldo and Ronaldinho because these were the models for a player in his time. Everything is fine. Lorenzo, however, must know that we have brought the joy of all Neapolitans, bringing AC Milan four, and Juventus five goals. These are things that no one can erase, end God`s hand.

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