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Cristiano:I have fulfilled all my dreams

Cristiano:I have fulfilled all my dreams

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo interviewed the Brazilian video channel Desimpedidos, which talks about winning the Golden Ball, the upcoming World Cup, exemplary models and home football.

For the Golden Ball

I have not dreamed of winning five Golden Balls. If I had to quit my career now, I would be very happy. But I still have faith and strength to fight for the prize

I knew I was a special child. I was the same age as my teammates, but I felt I was better because I was doing things that they did not achieve. But winning the Golden Ball is very difficult. I played in Sporting, in Manchester United And from then on I thought:I will play with the best in the world around me, as well as the best and I still manage to stand out. Then I started to believe I could win the prize

For the World Cup 2018

We are not the favorites, we have to be honest. There are more famous teams:Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, But in football everything is possible. We will try to skip the groups - that is our main goal. We have to go step by step

For dreams

Do I have dreamless dreams? Honestly, no. Everything I`ve dreamed of, I`ve achieved it

For the role models

I have always had one goal that was to be a professional footballer and to play for the Portuguese national team. I`ve always looked to reach the heights of Rui Kosta, Fernando Cuteo and Figo

For hobbies

At home we do not watch football, it is a rare rarity. Only if I see a team in which my friend plays or a derby. I try to watch other things:movies, serials, documentaries, concerts, I like to travel, to go some weekend to Paris, London, Portugal

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