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Lionel Messi scored a goal number 600

Lionel Messi scored a goal number 600

Barcelona`s Argentinean sorcerer Lionel Messi once again shone at an important moment for his club, at the same time celebrating a remarkable jubilee. The flea opened the score with the Atletico (Madrid) derby with a direct free kick and realized its 600th goal in professional football - 539 hits with the Catalan team and 61 for the Argentine national team. For this memorable achievement, Messi needed a total of 746 matches, winning 30 trophies and five gold balls.

Curiously, on Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored a 300th birthday in the Primera Liga with 286 matches, and so he overtaken Messi in the impromptu charting number of matches needed for 300 goals because the Argentine needed 334fight. The first goal of Messi with the Barcelona team was in May 2005 against Albacete. Another intriguing fact is that now the tens of `blagranas` for the first time in their career scored goals in three consecutive games.

Jubilee hits of the flea:

goal number 100:against Dynamo (Kiev) in September 2009

goal number 200:against Real Madrid in August 2011

goal number 300:against Rai Vaiqueano in October 2012400:against Granada in September 2014
number 500:against Valencia in April 2016

goal number 600:against Atletico (Madrid) in March 2018

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