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Zidane has to convince Cristiano to stay, Marca writes

Zidane has to convince Cristiano to stay, Marca writes

On Friday, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane announced he did not think of parting and wants to stay in the club. These are the words the club leaders are happy to say. So now the white target is to keep Cristiano Ronaldo, Marca writes. Just the coach can be the key person to influence the choice of the Golden Ball cavalier.

Zizou managed to stabilize Real after the crisis a few months ago and now the team is still a favorite for the Champions League triumph.

Marca says that in recent weeks in meetings between Florentino Peres, the other bosses and Zidane, the topic of his future in the club has not been raised. Different things were discussed, such as the daily work, the transfer of goal keeper Kepa Ariasaballa and others, but not who will be the mentor in the future. For this reason, the French speaker`s yesterday speech at the press conference was surprising for the bosses. Surprising but also welcome, because Perez prefers to keep Zidane as he is impressed with his work. The contract of the world champion with Real is until the summer of 2020 and that of Cristiano by 2021. For now, Ronaldo does not indicate that he wants to change the club, but everything is possible. Santiago Bernabeu believes that Zidane will be able to dissuade the Portuguese if he changes his mind.

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