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Real Madrid Reserves Rape in Canary Islands (Video + Gallery)

Real Madrid Reserves Rape in Canary Islands (Video + Gallery)

Real Madrid`s team made an easy 3:0 victory over Las Palmas in a 30th round of the Primera Division. Zinedine Zidane`s team was built by a lot of reserve footballers in view of the upcoming Juventus match in the Champions League. Gareth Bale took the lead with two hits (26 and 51) and Karim Benzema added another goal after a penalty shot in the 39th minute. Despite the success, Real stays far behind Barcelona.

Zinedine Zidane `shed` a bunch of spare footballers, with three shots emerging in the shield that rarely get a chance to play. In the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, the attack on the `white` was shaped by Karim Benzema and Marco Asencio, supported on both wings by Lucas Vasquez and Gareth Bale. The French striker played his 400-game match for the royal club, putting the team with the captain`s belt. Paco Hemes ranked 4-2-3-1 with Jonathan Cayeri in the top positions. The first dangerous jump came from Caier`s right foot in the fifth minute. The attacker of the islanders hit a heavy blow of 23 meters and the ball licks the beam on the outside. A minute later, Bale slipped out of the ambush, but shot too high. In 11th Alain Halilovich made a treacherous kick of 19 meters, but Keylour Navas was careful and did. Three minutes later, Assenio sought Benzeme to the right in the penalty area, the French shooter decided to finish the attack and hit the goalie goalkeeper Leandro Chisichola.

`Yellow-blue` acted with self-confidence and often attacked the door of the European king. In the 23rd Luka Modric took the ball and started a dangerous counter. After Benjema and Bale`s excellent work, the ball went to Asencio, who almost fought against the goal keeper and chose to shoot in the left corner - Chichiisola felt this and somehow managed to kill. In the 25th Momo Figueroa made a double shot in the penalty area, but he shot inaccurately.

A minute later, Bale slipped out of the ambush, pushing ahead and punishing Chisichola, who could not react to the awkward ball - 0:1. The submission was magnificent and came from Modric`s leg. In the 29th, right-wing back-to-back player Nacho Fernandez stepped off and had to be replaced - Ashraf Hakimmi appeared in play. In the 38th Cayeri made a very stupid violation in the penalty box, striking Vasquez. Benzema realizes without hesitation the white point, sending the ball in the right corner of the goal - 0:2. In the 51st Cimo Navarro defeated Bale illegally and the referee indicated a second penalty for the team from the capital. Bale stood behind the ball and punched in the middle of the door. The guests from Santiago Bernabeu played with ease and the hosts acted disheartenedly. In the 61st against Chi?isolala, Benzema preferred a pass to Bale and was wrong. Madrid`s 67th number 9 made a big omission. He received the ball front against the goalie, shot in the guards of the islanders, and when the supplement did not manage to point exactly with the thigh. It is in this situation that there is no confidence in the ending blow. In the 68th Navas, he was wrong, pressured by two. Eric Expozito turned around and fired, but the situation was tricky and pointed over the beam. In the 75th Ashraf failed to stop centering on the right, Cayeri overcame Jesse Vaieho, but crossed the cross

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