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Ronaldo`s secret:good diet and healthy labor

Ronaldo`s secret:good diet and healthy labor

The goal-maker Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the sports media after his last recital in Turin. The Catalan Mundo Deportivo tried to defuse the secret of his sport longevity and his outstanding athletic parameters. The Portuguese works diligently in two directions - proper nutrition and accurate physical exercise. Outside of the CR7 menu, alcohol, sugar, and chocolate were always available. Bread is an integral part of the diet as well as paste. Its fruit is never absent from fruit, vegetables, fish (mostly fever) and brown rice. Salad with fresh tomatoes, tortillas and chicken meat invariably fall on the table. Ronaldo also accepts nutritional supplements to complement all that his body needs.

The diet is consistent with the time of training and matches. Breakfast has always been a lot of carbohydrates to be burned during the upcoming workout. Ronaldo also pays very serious attention to the hydration of her body by taking a large amount of fluid. In the Valdebaba sports center he works with Professor Antonio Pintus, paying close attention to the various muscular groups. The secret of his great rebound lies in the healthy work of four-headed muscles (quadriceps), triceps and biceps, diligent training for abdominal muscles and spine. He has grown for 33 years, number 7 is in a great physical shape, and this is also due to the proper dosing of forces during the long football season.

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