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Bayern has not surrendered, a great spectacle is waiting for Bernabeu

Bayern has not surrendered, a great spectacle is waiting for Bernabeu

Just one match divides Real Madrid from the opportunity to play in the Champions League final for the third consecutive year and to try to win the most prestigious club honor for the 13th time. `Los Blanccos` beat Bayern Munich (Munich) 2-1 but they are certain they are waiting for a heavy revenge. That was the same year last year, when the two Grands met at the 1/4-finals. Real made Allianz Arena again 2:1, but then lost home with the same result before taking his extra time. Then there were a number of judges` mistakes that damned the Bavarians, so now everyone hopes that Jungate Chakar will deal with responsibility and not become a central figure. The tradition is on the side of Real. In recent years the Spanish colossus has invariably defeated Bayern. The Royal Club only once in history has dropped out of the European Tournament after a success on a foreign field in the first match. The Bavarians lost 5 times at home and then managed to continue after a victory in the revenge. For the last time, it happened in the 1995/96 season against Lokomotiv (Moscow) in the UEFA Cup. Germany`s record holder has played 12 times on Real and the balance is 2 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses.

Juventus has already shown that Real has to be defeated at Bernabeu and Bayern are convinced that the reversal is entirely possible. However, Jupp Heynckes` team will have to be much more efficient after having made many oversights in the first game. Real is transformed into the Champions League and is now eliminating Pari Saint Germain and Juve, and now is close to taking the scalp of one of the favorites in the tournament. Zinedine Zidane will not be able to rely on injured Isko and Daniel Carvajal. Their starting places will be Marco Asencio and Nacho Fernandez. Zizou is expected to play a more prudent tactic and only Cristiano Ronaldo is on the top of the attack, and on the flanks he can help Assencio and Lucas Vasquez. Gareth Bale was the champion against Leganes during the weekend, but this time he will sit on the bench where Karim Benzema will be.

In Bayern, the big absences will be Jerome Boateng and Arien Robben. They were both forced into the first game against Real and were unable to recover for the match today. The good news is the return of the left back David Alabama. In the Bavarian camp, they believe that this time Robert Lewandowski will find a way to Keylor Navas` door after the Allianz Arena was completely disposed of by Real`s defense. Franck Ribery, Thomas M

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