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Pogba was ready to return to Juve

Pogba was ready to return to Juve

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, who played strong matches for France during the World Cup In Russia, is ready to return to Juventus. According to Tutsport, the player himself has contacted his former club. The Cristiano Ronaldo has already turned the head of the Frenchman, who was convinced that with such a stellar addition the `bianconers` have much more chances to attack the Champions League than Manchester United. This is already the big goal of Pogba after winning the World Cup. Pogba continues to keep in touch with many of Juventus players, such as Bles Matthew, Paulo Diballa, Andrea Bardzali and Giorgio Chiellini, who also convinced him he should return. But a problem will most likely be the big transfer amount that Manchester United will want for Pogba, who has a contract with the club for another three years. However, the speculation about the Frenchman`s future does not go away, and the complex relationship between him and the red-eyed manager Jose Mourinho last season. During the World Championship, it was revealed that Mino Rayola, the agent of Pogba, had offered his client to Barcelona, ??where they showed interest.

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