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Emre Zhang announced the goal to Juventus

Emre Zhang announced the goal to Juventus

Juventus` new addition Emre Zhang talks about his farewell to Liverpool and his transfer to the Italian champion in an interview with the BBC. The midfielder said that Juve`s goal was to win the Champions League and also commented on arriving at the big star Cristiano Ronaldo. My connection with Jurgen Klop has always been great. He wished me all the best when I told him I was leaving. Few coaches would give you the opportunity to play in so many meetings when your contract runs out. Why did I choose Juventus? I had the opportunity to go to a lot of clubs from England and Italy, but Juventus wanted me the most. I`m very happy to be in Turin. The club`s project is great. Our main goal should be Serie A, but we also want to win the Champions League. We will not play, saying:Let`s see what happens. Juventus always wants to win the Champions League, Zhang began.

It`s fantastic to play with a footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo, who may be the best in the world. It is enough to see everything he has done so far and the goals he has scored in recent years. I am happy to be in a team with him, although the other teams in Italy are not so happy, completing the new addition of Juve.

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