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Why Azar (and no one) can reach the crown of the two kings

Why Azar (and no one) can reach the crown of the two kings

Neymar took the ball on the left wing and saw that there was no open corridor straight ahead, he began to step smoothly into the field to look for a corner to push the ball behind the defense. Instantly encountered resistance. James Milner and Jordan Henderson tried in tandem to stop him, but they could not get him at all. The Brazilian escaped with a dancing dance, and when he had finished, he was already on the opposite flank and a little further ahead of his departure. But what a trip with the ball was that! His subsequent submission was exaggerated, and the attack was over, but the warning was made.
The big game was still in its first minutes, and one player looking for recognition as the best in the world was obviously ready for it. If he had managed to find Kylian Mbappe or Essonne Cavani, the evening might have been too long for Liverpool. Still, the need for so much effort to escape from the fierce embarrassment of rivals in red in this situation has suggested that it will take a lot of hard work and sweat, and Neymar did not like it. That`s why his first glamorous appearance to Anfield was largely his last.

There is the key to those who come to the throne of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo;that there is no situation for them, in which the throwing of work and the sweat come to them more. The effort in them never stops;match after match, season after season. And it would have been difficult for them against Liverpool at this intensity of the game, but they would still have to fight again and again.
People think that Milner`s early entry to Neymar -? really grabbing the eye and asking for supremacy -;has removed the attacker from the match. But he`s from Brazil. He grew up with matches against some of the most uncanny defenders on the planet. A little ginger is nothing new to him.
There was more than that;something that would have brought him far more pain than a simple unity -;the realization of the need for unwavering dedication in all the remaining 89 and over minutes to defeat Liverpool. This was not the taste of Neymar.

The same is true for Eden Hazard, though obviously in brilliant form this season. The Belgian has been at the top of the Premiership since the first round in the first round;in Huddersfield, played just 14 minutes. Only a season under steam and beyond the radar -;the trend in Azar`s performance over the past four years -;is not a criterion for the best player in the world.
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