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How do the lawyers of the CR7 handle the storm around him

How do the lawyers of the CR7 handle the storm around him

They call it the kid. And it -;his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, has a problem as a result of a Las Vegas vacation spent in an expensive apartment at the Palms Place hotel.
In the summer of 2009, the lawyer of the Portuguese football player;Carlos Ozoriu de Castru wrote in an e-mail to a colleague about a conversation with a kid about spending a tumultuous evening in Las Vegas.
The tone was serious. An American named Catherine Major has claimed that Ronaldo raped her in her apartment on June 13th. After talking to your client -;one of the most expensive athletes on the planet, Ozoriou de Casteu would have had some information about what might have happened that night in the hotel room.
Then he went to work.
Because the prosecution should disappear. Quick. Quiet. Forever.
The lawyer from Porto, who had been defending Ronaldo several times, gathered the army under the battle flags -a kind of cleaning team whose job was to make sure nothing about the Las Vegas incident ever became public.
The headquarters included a LVMPD, two other lawyers from Portugal and the London-based Schillings Law Firm specializing in crisis management (her motto is Discover the Solution, Control the Crisis), another law firm Lavely u0026 amp;Singer of Los Angeles (made a name for her work with her troubles with celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston) and personally attracted by Ozorio de Casteu, a lawyer from Las Vegas, Richard Wright, with an hourly fee of $ 475. Later, a medical and forensic expert was also included in the team.
All these people were gathered to fight with Catherine Mayorga of Las Vegas, who was making her bread as a model and, occasionally, a promoter. And which, in June 2009, fell into the wrong place in the wrong time.

DER SPIGELL already wrote last week about Major`s charges against Ronaldo in rape. This is the story of a woman who long kept silence -;because it was so. Because nine years ago she signed an agreement drawn up by Ronaldo`s team of experts and her own lawyer.
According to the out-of-court settlement, Mayor agreed never to speak publicly about what happened at Palms Place on June 13, 2009. Against her signature she received $ 375, 000.
Now she decides to break her silence. Her lawyer, Leslie Mark Stotol, filed a formal complaint last week in Nevada, challenging the agreement with the thesis that his only goal is to muffle his client.
Tolon also attacked Ronaldo`s lawyers as he believes they wanted such an agreement to prevent or postpone a criminal investigation into the alleged assault. Talking about a conspicuous plot and his subject is:Cloaking a crime is a crime.
The details of the Mayorga case against Ronaldo sound like a storyline of John Grisham`s novel. The client. The company. The Rapier. There is one thing:ungodly lawyers, greedy investigators, total lack of mercy. Also a supposed casualty, which is being played by the legal staff of the rival country as a soccer ball on the court.

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