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Grossman:I want to finish my career in the USA

Grossman:I want to finish my career in the USA

Atletico striker Madrid Antoine Griezmann admitted he would like to finish his career in the United States. The Frenchman hopes to play for David Beckham`s Inter Miami, who will make a debut at the MLS in 2020.

`If Beckham wants to see me in his club, I will move there, I want to finish my MLS career`Let`s see if it`s going to be in Miami or Los Angeles - these are good cities, I like the American mentality and the way they can do the show, ` Antoine Grizzman told Team.

The robinbalos star in the summer decided to stay in Madrid instead of going to Barcelona. When you are loved at home, you do not go to the other team. They have done their best to stay in the team and feel good, including the fact that they have made efforts to attract important players and to build a strong team. I feel like the base or the most important piece of the puzzle. That made me stay. They often say they do not give up Barcelona, ??but I did the opposite. It`s hard to deny a club like Barca, but I`m really happy here. This is my home and I want to achieve great things, `said the footballer. Grimsman believes his French team mate Kylian Mab

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