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Juventus - Cagliari (Compositions)

Juventus - Cagliari (Compositions)

Juventus defeated Cagliari with a 3:1 win in their 11th Circle Series A series. Hosts of Allianz Stadium added three new points in their assets and retired 6 in front of the pursuers Napoli and Inter. The Bianconers, however, in a third consecutive match against a seemingly unpretentious opponent, after those against Genoa (1:1) and Empoli (2:1), showed fluctuations and did not impress with their game. Paulo Diballa opened the result as early as 1 minute, but Joao Pedro equalized in 36th. In the 38th minute Philip Bradaric scored an own goal and in the 87th minute Juan Kouadrado decided everything in favor of the Torinoes. Massimiliano Allegra bet on Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Diballa and Douglas Costa in attack, and Miralem Pianic, Rodrigo Bentancourt and Bless Matthew in the middle of the pitch.

The guests went out with Leonardo Pavouletes and Joao Pedro in an attack, which was backed by Lucas Castro from behind positions.

Juve opened the score less than a minute after the start of the match. Rodrigo Bentankour found Paulo Diballa at the edge of the pennant, he flipped two defenders and with a shot at the close corner sent the ball to the gate for 1:0. There was suspicion of ambush in the situation, but after VAR`s intervention, the goal was met.
In the 7th minute and Bles Matthewy fired dangerously with his head, but the ball passed the door to the outs. Three minutes later, Douglas Kosta made a strong kick from a distance and goalkeeper Alesio Cranio had to intervene decisively.
In the 17th minute, the visitors claimed a penalty kick in the penalty area from behind Medi Benatiya. Such was the fact that in an attempt to clear a ball, the Moroccan played with his head and then the ball hit his hand. Referee Maurizio Mariani even decided to look at a repeat of the situation, but judged that the defender`s action was unintentional and did not punish a penalty.
In the 19th minute Cagliari created her first real danger in the game and she was quite serious. Pavilletti put a finger on the right in the middle of the goal, but Wojciech Schnsno had a hard time protecting the ball.
In the 38th minute Sardines scored the score. In a dangerous free kick, Jo

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