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Cristiano explained why he left Real Madrid

Cristiano explained why he left Real Madrid

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that he has left Real Madrid because of the president of the Spanish grand Florentino Perez. 33-year-old Ronaldo said in an interview with France Football that the Perez CR7 was just a money-making tool and the rift in his relationship has persuaded the Portuguese to put an end to his 9-year stay with Santiago Bernabeu. He looked at me only as a business tool. I know it. What he was telling me never came from the heart, `said Cristiano. I felt that inside the club, especially the president, I did not have the same attitude as I did at the beginning. In the first 4-5 years I had the feeling that I was Cristiano Ronaldo. Then that feeling diminished. The President was already looking at me with other eyes, as if I was no longer indispensable to them if you understood what I meant. That made me start thinking about leaving. Sometimes I watched the news where I was told I wanted to leave. This was to some extent, but the truth is, I always had the feeling that the president would not stand behind me. If it was just money, I would go to China where I would have earned five times more than here (in Juventus) or in Real Madrid. I did not come to Juve because of the money, in Real I won as much, if not more. The difference is that Juve really wanted me. They told me it and showed it clearly, continued the Portuguese goal machine. Kristiano also explained that his decision was not influenced by the departure of Zinedine Zidane, who took Real to three consecutive trophies in the Champions League. My decision was not based on the fact that he left. Still, it was one of those little things that helped me clarify myself better about the situation in the club, Ronaldo said. The Portuguese also commented on the Golden Ball:I think I deserve it this year Yes, I dream of winning the Golden Ball for the sixth time and overcoming Lionel Messi. The subject of the rape indictment was not overlooked either. Naturally, this story had an impact on my life. I have a partner, I have four children, a mother who is already old, sisters, a brother, a family I care a lot. Not to mention my reputation I know who I am and what I have done. Someday the truth will come out. And the people who criticize me and try to bring out and turn into a circus my life these people will see. I explained the things of my partner (George), my son, Cristiano Jr. , too young to understand. The worst is borne by my mother and my sisters. They are shocked and at the same time very angry. For the first time I see them in such a state, Ronaldo commented.

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