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Tottenham wants a tricky sum of money to put Kane in Real Madrid

Tottenham wants a tricky sum of money to put Kane in Real Madrid

Tottenham striker Harry Kane is the new ninth that Real Madrid wants to attract for next season. At the end of July he will be 26 years old, giving him an advantage over the well-known but older goalkeepers of Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain Robert Lewandowski (30) and Unason Cavani (32 years old)month). A man from the club`s management contacted the London team before Christmas to ask about the price of the English national with a view to launching negotiations in the coming months. The answer, however, was not encouraging for Real:350 million. This money reflects the changes in the transfer market that began with Neymar`s joining the PSG for 222m euros and the need for the Royal Club to fill the gap in leaving Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored about 50 goals per season for the team before passingin Juventus.

Tottenham owner Daniel Levy is known to be a tough negotiator, with Madrid well aware of this from their general deals on Luke Modric and Gareth Bale`s transfer years ago. Recently, spurs have demanded 250 million from the Spanish Christian Dreams team. Levy knows he is desperately looking for a way to replace Ronaldo in Madrid, and so he has put Cane so high. Real wants to wait for this season to be developed for the club. Londoners are not in a hurry to sell. In March, if there are no other delays, they will find their new stadium and the striker is a central figure in manager Mauriceio Pocetino`s plans for future team success.

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