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Terror of Kualarela over the Serie A goalkeeper continues

Terror of Kualarela over the Serie A goalkeeper continues

Sampdoria`s team defeated Chievo in a match of the 18th round of Serie A with 2:0. The veteran of the Genoa team - Fabio Kualarela, once again showed that he is in excellent shape and is experiencing a second youth football. The 35-year-old striker opened the score at the start of the second installment with a fifth after centering by Gaston Ramirez. This was a hit in the eighth consecutive Fabio match, as Cristiano Vieri realized last time in 2002. Since the start of the season, Kualairella has already scored 11 goals on its account, which is one of Cristiano Ronaldo`s second-place winners in the runners-up to two of the leader, Krzysztof Pi?ntek, from Genoa. The second goal in the game came in the 59th minute. Then Ramirez detected the centering of Nicholas Mouru in the door.

With his success today, Sampdoria recorded a third consecutive win and six consecutive non-loss matches. In the standings, the team from Genoa is in fifth position with 29 points - two from the fourth Lazio. Chievo interrupted his series of six consecutive draws. Flying coaches remain at the bottom of the stack with only five points after the team starts with a penalty of -3 points. The rescue zone is currently nine times away from Chievo.



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