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Guardiola:My Barcelona happens only once in my life

Guardiola:My Barcelona happens only once in my life

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola attended a sports festival in Italy, organized by Gadgetta dello sport, where he recalled his successes at the head of Barcelona. The two times we won the Champions League with Barcelona were seven football players like Shavi, Iniesta and Valdez, who came to Barca 7 or 8 years ago. It was a combination of stars. Such things happen once in a lifetime. The club had faith in me. I went through the teenage teams. We had the money to buy big players. We also had the world`s best footballer (Lionel Messi). I feel nostalgic (watching pictures of his success with the team - b. R. ). If after 20 years we still read in the books about us, it will be great. It will mean we have left something behind us, Guardiola back in time. The Catalan also mentioned the importance of Messi. If the team helps him in the big games, he makes the difference in them. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the past 10 years have scored 50 goals each year. This is not human, said the specialist who also spoke of his mentor, Johan Cruyff, who opened his eyes. Cruyff helped us understand football differently. We were defeated, and he explained why we did it. The same was true for losses. It made us fall in love with this game.

Guardiola questioned whether his Manchester City team could be named a major favorite for winning the Champions League this season. Our greatest success as a club was one semifinals throughout our history - in 2016. I do not know if we are ready. We have no history behind us to say if we are ready for that. To be honest I do not know. Among the most prepared are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, who with Ronaldo showed that this year they want the trophy. Every year they are getting closer. Atletico Madrid plays at home and has always done well in recent years. I expect to have the strength to win the tournament, `commented the citizen`s mentor, not taking the opportunity to take an Italian team one day.

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