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Spallet: In our hands is our chance to catch Juventus

Spallet: In our hands is our chance to catch Juventus

Senior Inter Milan coach Luciano Spalletti believes that tomorrow`s Italian Derby between his team and the leader in the Juventus standings is an ideal opportunity for the Milan grand to cut their Serie A backlog, which is currently 11 points.

They will lose if they only think how to stop us. We play to beat every team, but now I believe it more. The team is currently evolving and becoming more sophisticated in terms of behavior. We`ve had some good matches lately. We still lack concentration during the games, but we are a big team in terms of names and how we read the game. We have to think that the teams we are facing are not so strong and that they cannot stumble. For me, there is no way to surrender against Juventus. Things end when you stop trying and you`re not convinced of your skills, not when you lose a match. There is a big gap at the top and the bad news is that it will be difficult to catch up with them. But the good thing is that this is the first step and is in our hands, he began at his press conference before the match.

Juventus buys players who make a difference every year. Three years ago, when I was in Roma, Juve attracted Miralem Pani?, who was probably our best player, along with Daniele De Rossi. Last year, we had one of the strongest backs in the league in the face of Jo

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