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Ronaldo: I never wanted to leave Inter

Ronaldo: I never wanted to leave Inter

Brazilian legend Ronaldo returned years ago, recalling his stay in Inter, where he played between 1997 and 2002.

Then the Inter team was fantastic. We had Bobo Veri, Clarence Seedorf and many more talents. Unfortunately, my injuries stopped me from being on the field with Veri enough times. When I arrived, there was a lot of enthusiasm at Inter and fans believed we could achieve great results. `I see enthusiasm on Inter this year and hopefully we will win something, ` Ronaldo said via video link during Festival dello Sport.

He also recalled his worst injury of his career - a torn tendon on his knee when returning to play against Lazio for the Italian Cup. Immediately I realized that my knee succumbed. He had to hold him in place because he started to slide to his thigh. It was a injury that had not happened before in football and there was not much information about it, so the first 10 days were full of gloom and sadness. I had to find in myself all my love for football. Love I didn`t know I had. Even for a day, I didn`t give up during physiotherapy, and I always hoped I could get back on the field. I really think that the training exercises I gave before did not help the situation, the Phenomenon said.

The Brazilian also commented on his subsequent transfer to Real Madrid. I never wanted to leave Inter because I felt it was my home that would be for life. Nor did I go to the president to insist that the coach be fired, because it didn`t look right and it wasn`t in my style. However, with Ector Cooper, we came to a point where I just couldn`t do otherwise. He didn`t treat me well at all. I don`t know if Scudetto would change my mind. I was convinced that Massimo Moratti would fire Cooper, so it was a nasty surprise for me when he supported the coach. At that point I was too proud and decided to leave. The city that used to love me already hated me. The police had to guard me, it was heavy. I loved Moratti, he was like my father. `We have put an end to relationships where we have made a mistake, ` Ronaldo added.

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