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Messi: I need to be careful with my body more than before

Messi: I need to be careful with my body more than before

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi realizes that he already has to pay more attention to his body, but still doesn`t think about giving up football. He is also adamant that he does not intend to leave the team for the time being and that individual awards are not his goal.

Do I have an idea when I will finish football? It is up to everyone to decide how long they can continue to play. I will be the first to say: I am so far and can no longer or that I feel well and will continue. I`ll figure it out over the years. My injuries this season? It is difficult because you are mentally well and think you are 25 years old. You think you can continue to do the same things then. However, the body is what it commands, and there are circumstances in which you should be more alert than before. An adaptation process is required and I have to prepare differently for matches and training.

Will I change the championship like Cristiano Ronaldo? Everyone is looking for their goals and experiences. I have never felt the need to leave the best club in the world, which is Barcelona. I enjoy training, matches and the city here. My goal at this club has always been very clear so I am not looking for it elsewhere. That I did not win the Most Beautiful Goal shotgun? I have always said that individual rewards are not my goal. Neither The Best, nor the Golden Ball, nor the Golden Shoe, much less the one for the most beautiful goal. If I win them, well, if not - no problem, Messi told Mark.

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