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Messi refused a lifetime contract with Barcelona

Messi refused a lifetime contract with Barcelona

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has confirmed that he has refused a life contract that he has been offered by the club. He cited his unwillingness to be bound by the Catalans in such a way.

It is true that I was offered a lifetime contract by Barcelona. However, I told them I did not want a contract that binds me that way. I want to be good to continue to play and fight for my goals. I can stay here until the end, but not because of a contract. `I would stay here for life, ` Messi told Argentina`s Metro Metro.

He also talked about Neymar`s ability to return to Barcelona, u200bu200bas well as the departure of La Liga by Cristiano Ronaldo. We keep talking to Neymar. We still have a chat with him and Luis Suarez. It will be difficult for him to return because he is gone and the way he did it. Many members and people in the club do not want it back. Cristiano Ronaldo is missing. It was nice when he was here. Cristiano made El Clasico much more special, gave it more value, as did La Liga, Messi added.

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