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Juventus 2:1 Lokomotiv Moscow

Juventus 2:1 Lokomotiv Moscow

Juventus clinched a 2-1 victory in their third round home win in Group D of the Champions League. The Turinos did not show a particularly brilliant game and had to work hard to get the three points, making a late turn. Paulo Dybala was the hero of the evening, scoring both goals for the hosts in the 77th and 79th minutes. Previously, Alexei Miranchuk had led the guests ahead in the 30th minute, but the Russians did not withstand the pressure of the Bianconeri and eventually left disappointed with Botusha.

Maurizio Sarri had selected Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala to lead the attack, and Rodrigo Bentencourt was given a chance to act behind their back. In the middle of the pitch was the trio of Sami Kedira, Miralem Pani? and Bless Matthew.

For Loco, Eder launched an attack, and he was supported on the wings by Alexei Miranchuk and Joao Mario. In the middle of the pitch there was a trio of Grzegorz Krychowiak, Murilo and Dmitry Barinov.

Juventus started the game powerfully and in the 2nd minute Dybala tried a long shot that ricocheted into the defender and went dangerously near the goal.
Then in the 16th minute Ronaldo fired at the door, but Guillermo saved. Three minutes later, the Portuguese had an even better chance of striking the ball in the net after centering on the right, but his shot did not work and turned out to be an ambush.
Ronaldo continued to harass the opponent`s defense and, in the 22nd minute, again cleared space for a shot outside the penalty area, but again in Guillermo`s hands.
In the 28th minute, Pani? fouled and Leonardo Bonucci missed a good opportunity.
However, in a retaliatory attack, Loko found the result out of nothing. Miranchuk advanced and passed to Joao Mario, whose shot was saved by Wojciech Szczesny, but the ball was again sent to Miranchuk, who was accurate at 0:1.
In the 41st minute, Dybala was able to send the ball into the Locomotive net, but before that there was a foul on Ronaldo against the goalkeeper.
Juventus missed a great opportunity early in the second half. Dybala got a pass behind the defense and a close shot of a free-kick, but did not find the outline of the door.
However, the locomotive continued to be dangerous and in the 50th minute Baranov fired a long shot which was not accurate.
Juve continued to be more active. In the 54th minute Alex Sandro broke through to the left and centered for Bententour, who was unable to head the door.
In the 73rd minute, Gonzalo Higuain freed himself from the penalty area and fired at the ground, but the ball rolled to the beam. The Argentine had a new opportunity two minutes later, but his head did not hit the door.
In the 77th minute Juve`s pressure still came to fruition. Dybala with a great shot from the boundary of the penalty area was accurate 1:1.
Only two minutes later, it came to a complete turnaround. A long shot from Alex Sandro was saved by the goalkeeper, but Dybala was in the right position to close the lead for 2-1.
Thus Juventus snatched victory and with a 7-point asset is in 1st place in the group. The locomotive, on the other hand, remains in 3rd position with 3 points gained so far.



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