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Juventus interrupted their winning streak after a bunch of passes

Juventus interrupted their winning streak after a bunch of passes

The teams of Lecce and Juventus finished 1:1 in the Via del Mare in the 9th round of Serie A. Both hits came from penalties and their authors were Paulo Dybala (50 `) and Marco Mancoso (56`). This draw ended the winning streak of Old Lady, which had 7 consecutive successes in all tournaments. The team must regret not going all three points after making 25 shots in the opponent`s goal, but almost all of them were inaccurate. Guest superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who received a break from Maurizio Sarri, did not attend the meeting.

In the 2nd minute, Zan Maher hit a shot from the penalty area, but was saved by Wojciech Szczesny. In the 8th shots of Frederico Bernardeski and Paulo Dybala were blocked by opponents. Immediately after, Juventus claimed a penalty shot for a foul against Emre Can, while Lecce, in the meantime, organized a counterattack, but Kuma Babakar`s land shot on the ground was too weak and did not hamper Shchesni. In the 13th, Danilo also fell into the penalty area, but the referee again did not award a penalty.

In the 15th, Alex Sandro landed out, but Gonzalo Higuain caught the ball and sent it into the opponent`s net. However, the hit was immediately canceled due to an ambush by the Argentine. In the 22nd, his shot went past the beam. In the 25th, his countryman Dybala also did not aim at the door. Shortly afterwards, Gabriel barely killed another of his shots. In the 29th consecutive kickback of Dybala, she burst past the door. In the 42nd in good position, Bernardeski sent the ball out.

Right from the start of Part Two, Juventus was given the right to take a penalty. This came after a corner kick when Jacopo Petricone fouled Miralem Pani? on the border. The judge examined the situation through SAR and determined that the violation was in the pen. So Dybala stood 11 meters from the door and, with a cool shot, opened the score for the visitors in the 50th minute. In the 55th Schchesni shot a strong shot at Mancos, but seconds later Matisse Licht played a hand in his own penalty box. It only meant one thing - a new penalty, but this time for the hosts. Mankosou set out to make it 1:1.

In the 62nd Bernardeski overcame the goalkeeper, but his shot met the sideline. The bad news about Maurizio Sarri continued in the 65th minute when Pani? was forced to be replaced by Sami Kedira because of hip pain. In the 67th Shchni rescued a header with Marco Calderoni. In the 75th after a direct free kick Leonardo Bonucci came up alone against the keeper, but his shot went over the door. Dybala`s 77th technical shot also proved inaccurate. In a centering in the 83rd, Gabriel and Higuain clashed, requiring the Argentinian`s head to be bandaged. By the end of the match, De Licht and Higuain were reported missing.

Juventus remains the leader in the 23-point standings, but can still place the first position on the second Inter today. The Nerazzuras are 21 points ahead of tonight`s Parma win. Lecce are 16th with an asset of 8 points.


0:1 Dybala (50 `e. )

1:1 Mancos (56 `e. )

LENS: Gabriel, Machariolo, Rosetti, Lucioni, Calder?

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