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The darkest days of Cristiano

The darkest days of Cristiano

The fourth referee lifted the lightsaber near the line in the 55th minute for a change to Juventus and a roar came from the stands as soon as No. 7 appeared.
Cristiano Ronaldo, unable to get past any rival throughout the match with Milan and causing a slowdown in his team`s game, couldn`t believe it. He ran to the sideline, murmured something in Portuguese, looking at Maurizio Sarri, and evaporated on the way to the dressing room.
This was the second time in just five days that a senior coach and bianconeri had sent him to the bench -;as much as had happened to him throughout the past season. On Sunday, however, it remained more than 1/3 of the duration of the match -;too much humiliation even with the apparently weak form of the Portuguese. It will undoubtedly put strain on his relationship with the club and the mentor at precisely the crucial moment in determining that individual prize that he is directly obsessed with;The golden ball. It is significant that the ace had already gone home before the last referee signal was heard. He is violently offended, Turin admitted, and the bomb has been activated.

The idyll on the banks of the Po River lasted less than a year. Ronaldo landed in the capital of Piedmont on a mission to revive the Italian Calico from a decade-long depression and give Juventus the Champions League trophy after so long. His age (34) and the signs of fatigue he was already showing in Real Madrid were no problem for anyone in Turin. The excitement, the money given -;

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