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Sarri: The red cardboard messed up everything

Sarri: The red cardboard messed up everything

The first loss of the season didn`t bother Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri. The Binaconeri gave Lazio a 1-3 lead and Sarri said the key moment in the match was Juan Quadrado`s red card.

`We played very well in the first half, but allowed the hosts to equalize just before the break, which was unpleasant. In the second part there were some important episodes that were not to our advantage. While the teams were with 11 players, we playedThen we paid for our mistakes. We were trained in how to defend ourselves in static situations, but we did not accomplish our tasks, `said Sarri.

`I think the right decision in the Quadrado situation was to get a yellow card, but we can`t influence it. It`s our fault, too, because we made the mistake of coming to the breach. Tomorrow we will have more clarity on the status ofBententour, we miss him a lot after the break. Sammy Kedira will be out for three months and maybe we will try Aaron Ramsay and Federico Bernardeski in that role, `explained Juve`s coach. `The red card changed everything. Before that, we acted steadily and could lead 2-0 after the blow to Cristiano Ronaldo`s head. We lost, but we also saw some pretty positive things in our game, ` Sarri added.

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