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Platini: Dybala`s style is like Maradona`s

Platini: Dybala`s style is like Maradona`s

Juventus legend Michel Platini compared Juventus` current number 10 Paulo Dybala to the great Diego Maradona. Dybala has 157 games and 68 goals for Juventus in the elite and overtook Platini`s achievement with the team of Turin in the period 1982-1987.
`Dybala is very good on the field and he is a very attractive boy. An interesting fact is that he equalized me in goals and matches in Serie A. The statistics are statistics, but we are different types of players. I have always avoided comparisons, but I can saythat Dybala is certainly better than me in one thing - he is 40 years younger.
He is also a more attacking player than I am. Dybala is a striker, although sometimes the coaches bring him back to the field. Dybala is not Platini, his style is more like Maradona`s, `Platini told Gadzeta Delo Sport.
Asked about Dybala`s partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, the 65-year-old Platini said: `The two formed a good tandem. Dybala could have left last summer, but these are the laws of the market. His stay is good for both him and Juve. Ronaldo does notwhat to comment on - a great champion who decides matches, wins trophies and plays at the highest level for a long time. `

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