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Rudy Garcia: The sweetest loss of my life

Rudy Garcia: The sweetest loss of my life

Lyon took the surprise to the round of 16 of the Champions League, beating Juventus after a 1-0 victory at home and a 1-2 loss in Turin. The coach of the French team Rudy Garcia noted that the key to the ultimate success was for his players to keep their composure after the two goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and not to succumb to the tension. `Eliminating Juventus is a real feat. Today we saw how important the result of the first match was when we did not concede a goal, ` Garcia said. Cristiano tried everything, but this is not the year of Juventus

`Until the equalizer Juventus was not so dangerous. However, the penalty came at a very bad time. The opponent gained confidence. Then Cristiano Ronaldo scored a magic goal, but we remained calm and that`s it. the thing I value most in my team, `the` kids` `coach analyzed. `I know this stadium very well, I`ve been here with Roma and I know how hard it is to beat Juventus at it. Let`s just say it`s the sweetest loss of my career, ` said Rudy Garcia. Lyon`s next opponent is Manchester City.

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