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Golden Ball winner: Cristiano is not the best in the world, but. . .

Golden Ball winner: Cristiano is not the best in the world, but.  .  .

The legend of Milan and winner of the `Golden Ball` for 1995, George Wea, gave a curious interview for `Gadzeta delo Sport`. In it, the Liberian president commented on various topics and players: the Rossoneri, his passion for Juventus, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku.

About Milan

`Milan has taken a new, brilliant path. The culture of a winner is in the DNA of the` Rossoneri `. (Paolo) Maldini is a wonderful man and a good friend of mine, he was an amazing captain. Heis a workaholic, he knows what it takes to reach the highest levels. Inter, Juvenuts and Napoli remain Milan`s rivals. I don`t know if they (the Rossoneri) will win the title, but they will fight to the last. `

About Ibra

`Ibra is strong and confident, but that`s not all. Milan signed with him because he can be very useful for young players. He is an example and inspiration for them. Hehe is always focused and ready for anything for his passion. If you work hard and do not lose your passion, then age is just a number. Remember Pietro Vierhovod, Franco Baresi or Paolo Maldini - they all played at a high level and at nearly 40years `.

For Cristiano Ronadlo

`Ronaldo is also a testament to how the combination of healthy work and passion can lead to unexpected results. He is not the best in the world, but he trains a lot to become the best. `I`m a fan of Ronaldo because he kept his modesty, he deserved everything he achieved. He fought to be where he is now. `

About Lukaku

`He proves how strong he is, he is not always given what he deserves when he deserves it, his story is similar to mine. When I left France to go to Italy, my peoplethey thought it would not work out for me because Serie A is a very strong league. However, I did quite well and I think Lukaku is doing the same. He is improving his game and is now a more complete striker. `

About Juventus

`For me, Juventus is the favorite for the title. First, because as a child I supported Juventus and second, because the Scudetto is theirs for nine consecutive years. As a child I watched Serie A and French football in Africa, they showed footage of Platini and so I became attached to Juventus. Then life sent me to Milan, where I found a family and a special atmosphere. Milan gave me everything, but I continued to support Juventus. `

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