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A lean draw was enough for Juventus to deny Inter the Italian Cup

A lean draw was enough for Juventus to deny Inter the Italian Cup

Juventus kept the tradition and again eliminated Inter in the semi-finals of the Italian Cup. The Bianconeri have never dropped out of the tournament when they face the Nerazzurri, and this time too. Both teams drew zero in the rematch at Juventus Stadium, but Torino had won the first match 2:1 and this guaranteed them to continue in the final. In addition, the tradition of Juve not losing to Inter as a host, which dates back to 2012, was continued.

The coach of the hosts Andrea Pirlo bets on Cristiano Ronaldo and Dejan Kulushevski in front positions. Juan Cuadrado and Federico Bernardedski are on the wings, with Rodrigo Bentancourt and Adrien Rabio in the middle.

Antonio Conte cannot use the punished Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez. He relies on Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku in attack, as they are supported from behind by Christian Eriksen. Marcelo Brozovic and Niccolo Barella move the game in the middle of the field.

At the beginning of the match, both teams acted cautiously. Inter stayed more in the middle of their opponent, but without creating any real goal danger.
The visitors still reached their first opportunity in the 25th minute, when Eriksen centered from a foul and Lukaku played the ball with his chest, but he almost missed to direct it to the outline of the door.
Three minutes later, it was hot again in front of Canluigi Buffon. Inter fulfilled a learned position after a corner, the ball reached Lautaro Martinez, who was in a great position almost on an empty net, but made an extremely clumsy shot and failed to find the result.
In the 33rd minute Marcelo Brozovic shot from a distance, but the ball went straight into the hands of Buffon, who must have caught.
The first opportunity for Juventus came only in the 42nd minute, when Ronaldo released and shot in the near corner, but Samir Handanovic had taken a good position and saved.
The first situation for the second part was again at the expense of the Nerazzurri. Ashraf Hakimi received on the edge of the penalty area and shot, as the ball flew over the crossbar.
In the 57th minute Bentancourt made a huge mistake in bringing the ball and allowed Eriksen to take it and bring Lautaro Martinez against Buffon, but almost did not reach the striker to reach the ball. He threw a split and committed a foul on the goalkeeper.
Two minutes later, the hosts organized a nice counterattack, which ended with a shot by Cristiano Ronaldo, but over the door.
In the 64th minute Juventus reached its best opportunity in the match so far. Ronaldo came face to face with Handanovic, but the goalkeeper made a brilliant save and did not allow a goal to be scored.
Luck again turned its back on the Portuguese, who made an incredible raid through the opponent`s defense in the 70th minute and shot hard, but again Handanovic was impenetrable.
In the 74th minute Alex Sandro acted risky and almost scored a spectacular own goal.
Inter pressed at the end and in the 81st minute Hakimi tried a shot from a small angle, but it was not precise enough and stopped in the net, but from the outside.
In the 85th minute, Stefano Sensei made a dangerous shot after a stir in front of Buffon, but the top? A lean draw was enough for Juventus to deny Inter the Italian Cup

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