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Pirlo: Lack of experience and fatigue spoke for themselves

Pirlo: Lack of experience and fatigue spoke for themselves

Juventus head coach Andrea Pirlo did not hide that he regrets the missed victory in the match against Verona. The `old lady` reached only 1:1 in the city of Romeo and Juliet, risking 10 points behind the leader Inter, if the `Nerazzurri` win their home game against Genoa. `We knew that the match would be difficult, and the draw was certainly a disappointing result for us. It was the hardest to lead, but we did it. Unfortunately, there are small details that young players still do not understand. This, as well as the lack of experience, cost us the lost points `, commented Pirlo.

`When we came forward in the result, we had to be extremely focused. The younger ones didn`t seem to feel that victory could slip away from us. I told Cristiano Ronaldo and Alex Sandro to get used to them, but that wasn`t enough. I was thinking of moving on toscheme with four in defense, but I didn`t have good options from the bench. After an hour of play, some of the boys were visibly tired, but that was to be expected, `admitted Juve`s coach.

`When we stopped pressing, more space opened up for Verona. It`s a team that forces you to spend a lot of energy, and we play matches every three days and we`re not fresh enough. We had the opportunity to score a second goal, but`We didn`t use them. The pitch was not in perfect condition either. Are we dependent on Cristiano`s goals? We are trying to work with what we have. Every team would lack players like Alvaro Morata and Paulo Dybala, ` said Pirlo.

Pirlo: Lack of experience and fatigue spoke for themselves

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