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Real Madrid celebrated its birthday with a magnificent work of art

Real Madrid celebrated its birthday with a magnificent work of art

On this day 119 years ago, the most successful football club on the international stage was created - Real Madrid. The White Ballet was formed on March 6, 1902, and has since been emblematic of its traditional all-white sports team.

The club`s press service marked the holiday with a magnificent video in which the famous British actor Michael Kane reads the famous work `If` by Rudyard Kipling.

The 3-minute video features all the most memorable moments in the European tournaments of the football and basketball team, including the decisive goals in the finals of the Champions League in recent years of Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Casemiro and Gareth Bale.

The announcement to the video on social networks reminded that the football players have won 13 times the CASH / Champions League, and the basketball players - 10 times the Euroleague. Here is a translation of `If`, which Keane reads for the background of the video:

If you control yourself when everyone,
they tremble and call you cowardly;
If on your heart alone
trust but be careful;
If you wait without despair;
slandered - you do not sow slander;
or hated - you do not hide your malice;
but you are not wise, you are most holy to us;

If you dream without being a dreamer;
if you are smart without being smart;
If you meet the Crash - an evil traitor -
equally with Triumph - an old cynic;
If villains, your oath is holy
turned into a trap - and you endure it,
or you see things falling apart,
built with blood - and you start a new construction;

If you bet on a pile in front of you
the winnings, boldly roll the dice,
you lose, and you start again, and you can
to remain silent about failure old;
If you force the brain, nerves, palms-
and worn out - to serve you again,
and you walk, only with the Will left,
which repeats to them: Get on your feet!

If you keep the Lord in you in the crowd,
in the palace - his simple human laughter;
If you respect everyone but don`t crawl;
if you are not afraid of an enemy and your own;
If you fill the predatory Minute
with a sixty-second sprint, at least once;
The world is Yours! My request has been heard!
And most importantly, my son - you will be a man!

Real Madrid celebrated its birthday with a magnificent work of art

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