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Ramos: I can play for another five years at the highest level

Ramos: I can play for another five years at the highest level

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos believes he can play at the highest level for a few more years. The defender will turn 35 at the end of the month. His future is unclear, as it is not yet possible to agree on a new contract with the White Ballet, and his current contract expires at the end of the season. Ramos spoke yesterday about a new documentary about him. He was expected to provide more information about the contract, but he said there was nothing new on the issue, but added some things that hinted that he was not fascinated by the actions of management.

`You can`t make everyone happy, but there`s one thing that can`t be erased: everything you`ve won. The only thing that worries me is that they know I`m real and I`ve left my soul for the emblem ofReal.

I have always fought for myself and I have always told the truth. I am honest, modest and hardworking. This is the basis on which a player must be evaluated. I can play for another five years at the most. `If I don`t have serious injuries, my mentality will help me. I have an idea to play in the World Cup in Mexico in 2026. I would be the first player to take part in six World Cups, ` said Ramos.

`The reason for many of the questions and uncertainties is information coming out. I was a little injured, but it wasn`t serious. Fortunately, I didn`t have many injuries during my career. I`m finally back with the team andI hope I can help in the last part of the season, `he added.

The defender also commented on the future of Barcelona star Lionel Messi, whose contract also expires in the summer. `I would be happy to welcome Messi to Real, ` he said with a smile. `I give him my house for the first few weeks. We had to suffer in his best years. So not to face him would be good. He would give ushelped us achieve more success. It would be foolish to say something different. `

The captain of the` whites `also spoke about the possible future transfers of Real, saying that attracting Erling Holland is much more realistic than that ofKylian Mbappe: `I would be happy for both of them if they come, but if he is one of them, it would be easier to attract Holland. With Mbappe the economic circumstances are more difficult. Holland will not be bad because of his hunger for goals, the sizeand speed. It would be easier to reach an understanding for Holland. `

`My best partners in defense were Pique and Pepe. Because of the results and the trophies we won together. There was no need to talk to Pique, we understood each other with a look, ` Ramos revealed. He also commented on the separation between the club and Cristiano Ronaldo: `Ronaldo and Real Madrid lost when Cristiano left the club. `

Ramos: I can play for another five years at the highest level

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