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Pirlo: We suffered a heavy blow, but we continue on the clearly marked path

Pirlo: We suffered a heavy blow, but we continue on the clearly marked path

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo has admitted that dropping out of the Champions League is a severe blow to the team`s ambitions, but stressed that the Bianconeri will continue with their current project. The team definitely suffered a heavy blow, but we continue with the trainings on the clearly marked path. Cristiano Ronaldo is fine, it is normal for him to be disappointed with what happened, like everyone else. He is training well and is ready to play tomorrow night. It is normal to have rumors after the relegation, as he is the most important player in the world along with Lionel Messi. He has always done well for us, scoring about 90 goals and proving enough of his worth. The project, launched in the last few years, aimed to enrich the team with players at a certain level. It is impossible to build a team only with young players. This was the original project and will continue to be the same in the future.

I`ve been through a lot of similar situations in my career, I`ve won a lot, but I`ve also lost. I have always tried to get back on the road despite the disappointments and now we will do the same. Our season did not end on Tuesday, because we have matches in Serie A and a final for the Italian Cup. We continue with the desire to show that we are Juventus. We can react to negative moments by getting the best out of ourselves. It depends on us and the goals we have set.

When you start, you hope to win every game, but that`s not possible. It`s not like in your dreams. You have to work hard and be aware that there will be losses. We made some mistakes, and when that happens in the Champions League, you can drop out. We must accept this dropout and learn from these mistakes. Now our goal is the championship. We have to watch match after match, making the most of the fact that we now have more time to prepare for the matches and to rest. We also need to be more efficient.

All are well except Merich Demiral, Aaron Ramsey, Paulo Dybala and Rodrigo Bentancourt, so the rest are ready to play tomorrow. Giorgio Chiellini has recovered and may be a starter. We hope that Dybala will return after the break for the national teams. In fact, this season he was never at our disposal, which was a great loss. Cagliari recently changed their coach and immediately achieved important results. That is why we need our team spirit to play a strong match against them, Pirlo commented at today`s press conference.

Pirlo: We suffered a heavy blow, but we continue on the clearly marked path

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