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Ronaldo took aim at six trophy season

Ronaldo took aim at six trophy season

Cristiano Ronaldo will continue for a long time to accumulate trophies in his display case if he is healthy. The Portuguese star of Real Madrid did not want to wait and intends this season to pick up not one, not two, not three, but six cups.

Once accepted the award on the site for best player last season, Ronaldo said he was aiming for this achievement to overtake Barcelona for six trophies each season - a title Cup, Spanish Super Cup and Europe, World Club World Cup and Champions league.

"I want Real Madrid to take every possible trophy," said Ronaldo. "I want six titles."

"Our club, our coaching staff, my great teammates and I will do everything, every day, every week, to make our amazing fans happy," commented Ronaldo.

"It will be harder than the first minute of each workout until the last minute of every game," promised Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has not played in the control of Real Madrid, after joining this week. But he was very enthusiastically received by fans in the U.S., where the "Royal Club" is on tour, and after each workout signed hundreds of autographs.

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