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Karim Benzema: Ronaldo is the best in the world

Karim Benzema: Ronaldo is the best in the world

Karim Benzema showered with praises his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. In an interview with "Marca", the French national announced that Ronaldo is the best in the world right now, so it's a pleasure to play with him.

Ronaldo himself in turn before this was praised richly Benzema, who is in excellent shape, and the Frenchman returned the gesture.

"Cristiano is the best player in the world at the moment and definitely knows what he is talking. I am grateful for his words," said Benzema.

"With time, our reactions become instinctive. We understand very well. Complementary and always try to help on the field. Each of us has his own style but always adapt to the team," said more the attacker.

"We have to try and improve our performance from last season, this we aim - to make people happy with our goals. Last season was great. I think we just have to maintain the level.We will do it and the goals will come alone," Karim Benzema finished.

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