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Cristiano Ronaldo equalized record and of Di Stefano

Cristiano Ronaldo equalized record and of Di Stefano

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid tied another record in the history of the grand. This happened after his two goals in net of Levante yesterday afternoon with success 5:0.

The first achievement of this match was that Ronaldo thus improved the 71-year record of Esteban Echevarria Oviedo for most goals after eight rounds since the start of La Liga, accumulating 15.

But there was a second, which appears to have remained slightly away from the media attention. With his two goals, he tied with the legend Alfredo di Stefano in matches with more than one goal in favor of Real Madrid.

These meetings of the account of the Portuguese are already 54 as they are the account of the late Argentine. Of these three has scored four goals, in 19 has a hat trick, and in 32 has scored two hits.

Exactly the same way are distributed and hits in matches of Di Stefano. But it is clear that this achievement will be improved soon and Ronaldo will record another record of Real his against name.

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