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No one dares to deny the Maurito platinum

No one dares to deny the Maurito platinum

He will probably never win the Golden Ball, but the hurricane in the surreal derby of Milano has confirmed Mauro Icardi as the deadliest predator in the criminal field all over Europe now. The numbers are also said, and his eyes are also said.
Maurito from Rosario is No. 1 on the continent with the smallest number of balls scored for goal score (20, 33) and is outpaced in the top five European leagues by only Radomel Falcoo of Monaco (12 goals from 24 strokes, odds 2, 00) andMark Ut from Hoffenheim (5/12, 2, 40) with a score of 2, 56. Both Falco and Ut play in much weaker tactical championships like League One and the Bundesliga. For comparison, for example, titanium Lionel Messi has a factor of 5, 18 and needs 58, 36 throws of the ball to reach the exact score.
By the end of August, senior coach Inter Luciano Spaleti surprised many in Italy with his claim: Icardi and One Jack are the two strongest callers in the calcio. With Paulo Diballa, Gonzalo Iguaine and Dries Mertens, it seemed like a move just to inspire self-confidence and give the captain the wings of his captain. Today, however, things are different.

It can be argued infinitely whether Ircardi is the best striker in Serie A, but there is no question about one: his figures are monstrous. As an average goal for Inter (0, 6) in the 1994/95 season, Maurito is ahead of the race as Diego Milito and Samuel Beauvais and has only three real monasteries: Ronaldo (0, 72), Christian Vieri (0), 72) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (0, 65).
Spatulets sucks his hands: He is great and if he does not stop attacking, he will become even less likely to be protected. As he saw his second goal on Sunday night when he took away the ball from Lucas Billy in the center and finished with a gracious volition the centering of Ivan Perissic.
So far in the season, Inter`s nine have 9 goals scored, averaging 1, 12 per game. After the doubles in the first two rounds, against Roma and Fiorentina, now comes the hat-trick in the biggest match for and non-races -;first after that of Milito in May 2012. Spaletli argues that Maurito is still learning how to stop attacking, but it is the deadliest in the criminal field: his 9 hits, 4 of them after penalties, have come from this area where he is fullmaster.

It is no accident that the praises did not cease after the derby. AC Milan coach Vincenzo Montetella, who knows one or two things about how to score goals, honored: His first hit was a real madness, impressive as a level of difficulty in performance. Urban rival director Marco Fasone has called: Hats down in front of a big player! . The former interiorist and militarist Mario Balotelli has also joined people: Really great! A real contender, whom Milan might wake up and buy.
Despite his 80 goals for the Inter in Serie A and the fact that at his expense over half of all for this season, Maurito is not just a contender but also a leader and captain of a team that has a prominent quality -;never betray. This is evidenced by the fact that 9 out of the 17 hits of the team have come in the last quarter of an hour.
The predator of Rosario keeps it flawless?

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